Rules of Engagement

Episode #212: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Christopher Becker (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Handling Price Shoppers
  2. posting workshop images
  3. relationships within the industry
  4. practicing your manners

Christopher Becker

Internationally Acclaimed Wedding Photographer & Educator

Becker, who just goes by one name a la Bono, Sting, Madonna (not Cher), is famous for capturing his signature blend of “relaxed portraits and real moments” for the coolest couples on the planet. His gift for making people feel comfortable in front of his lens and his ability to make all of his subjects look their absolute best is why he is one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the world. He shows up at each wedding as if he were an old friend with a fancy camera and exudes an attitude of “Relax, I’m a professional” and never resorts to cheesy tactics or lame poses. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed photographer, Becker also has a passion for helping and teaching other photographers to run successful businesses. He founded a social network for photographers in 2007 called The [ b ] School which has evolved into a referral network called PhotogRefers dedicated to helping photographers get more referrals. He moonlights as a motivational speaker and a wannabe professional poker player and is a recovering Diet Dr. Pepper addict.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How to handle other photographers price shopping you by pretending to be a bride.
  • Membership in Forums vs. Facebook Groups.
  • Properly posting images from attending photography workshops – blog vs. gallery.
  • The proper way to find out what other photographers in your area are charging.
  • Relationship building within the industry as invaluable.
  • Word of mouth referrals – why you actually get more business from other photographers than wedding planners.
  • Socializing at workshops and conventions, actually meeting people you’ve met on the internet in person.
  • The number one reason to attend trade shows is not what you think.
  • Practicing your manners when you’re trying to talk to someone at a convention.
  • How to not compete on price and best practices for listing prices on your website.

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