Becoming an improved photographer

Episode #200: Interview with Payam Jirsa (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Multi-Photographer Studio
  2. knowledge vs. applied knowledge
  3. qualified learning
  4. the hustle

Payam Jirsa

Wedding Photographer and Industry Educator

Pye is a founder and Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography, a boutique Los Angeles California wedding photography studio. With a team of over 20 creative photographers, Lin and Jirsa shoots over 300 weddings each year and nearly 1,000 yearly client commissions. Pye also created SLR Lounge, an educational community helping people become better photographers.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Training, educating and maintaining a multi-photographer boutique brand.
  • Scaling your business into a multi-photographer studio.
  • Quality control with a multi-photographer brand.
  • Teaching the technical side of photography vs. the soft/interpersonal skills.
  • Consuming photography education – knowledge vs. applied knowledge.
  • Cheaper to invest in education then make those mistakes in your business.
  • Utilizing conceptual and inspirational shoots.
  • Forming a solid foundation of photography skills for your business to stand on.
  • Being a master of your camera to be able to diversify and shoot anything.
  • The process and time involved in qualified learning.
  • Have to keep in mind where your educators came from.
  • Success in being able to (and willing to) hustle.

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