Getting clients in the door

Episode #197: Interview with Bernie Griffiths (37 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Marketing Mistakes
  2. test & measure
  3. facebook marketing
  4. converting cold leads

Bernie Griffiths

Photography Business Coach & Educator

Bernie Griffiths has over 40 years experience as a small business owner, as a presenter and business consultant, and has owned five successful businesses.
He was fifteen years old when he began his career working for a local newspaper.
Leaving school with no qualifications, his burning desire to be a business owner, determined his future.
When only 21 years old he worked for a worldwide cruise ship company with a staff, and travelling the world.
His intense passion to run a successful small business led him to open his first small business. His dream had come true.
He thought that by having a shop front, the customers would queue outside the door each morning and hand him their hard earned money. It wasn’t to be. He realized very quickly that he had to become a marketer. He had to get his name out into the marketplace and promote his business.”
Bernie has walked the path as a small business owner, and knows the frustrations and day to day challenges. There are short cuts that can lead you to accelerate your success.
Using his own system, developed over many years, Bernie has turned over millions of dollars in his businesses.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Your business, and any business needs customers.
  • The important difference between marketing strategy and implementation.
  • It’s okay to make mistakes in marketing – don’t overanalyze.
  • It all boils down to lead generation and nurturing leads through the buying cycle.
  • Why you need to learn copywriting, and automate your content through the buying cycle.
  • Testing and measuring everything about your marketing – and what to keep track of.
  • Making sure all aspects of your business are realistic, including pricing and expectations.
  • The power of Facebook as an inexpensive marketing tool.
  • How to design an effective Facebook marketing ad campaign.
  • What to do with cold leads to warm them up to buy.
  • There is no right or wrong with marketing, just keep trying and keep learning.
  • Maintaining professionalism and avoiding the ‘bait & switch’ style of marketing.
  • The secret to marketing – get out there and market!

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  • Alex Garcia says:

    Bryan, I’ve listen to this multiple times and just want to thank you for the wealth of information provided. We actually implemented the nurturing customers advice that you and Bernie discussed and it is working. We started a simple 4-week newsletter for brides that we hope will be helpful for couples but also provide us qualified leads via targeted Facebook ads. Thanks again – Alex

  • Dylan Martin says:

    Bryan, I really enjoyed and got a lot from this podcast while driving to and from work. I am excited to sit down and listen to it again. I am excited to go through the resources and tools mentioned as well as implementing strategies mentioned in the episode. Getting clients in the door is so vital and this is an area I am looking forward to improving.

    Thanks again!

  • Gary Lun says:

    I’m listening to this again after a year and what Bernie taught still applies to the business. Thanks Bryan for this wonderful podcast once again!

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