Telling stories through design

Episode #191: Interview with Andrew Funderburg (31 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Shooting with Intent
  2. moral duty
  3. communicating value
  4. telling a story

Andrew Funderburg

Founder of Fundy Software and Believer in the Printed Photograph

Before founding Fundy Software in 2008, Fundy scooped up a degree in English Literature, worked in the Peace Corps in the Republic of Moldova, owned an English School and shot weddings at three Iron Chef restaurants in Japan. He believes deeply in the printed photograph. A passionate street and travel photographer, he’s currently working on his “Print 365” project, where he does one print a day, one album a month and one wall gallery a quarter. He’s recently a passionate runner having just completed his first half-marathon.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Shooting intentionally with the story and design in mind.
  • 3 types of design: The one main image or “wow” shot; Main image with supporting images; and the collection of equals.
  • Having a discovery session with your client to know what they are looking for going INTO the session.
  • A photographer’s moral duty to a client’s descendants.
  • How to communicate the value of a printed product to your clients.
  • The importance of knowing your clients and figuring out who they are at their core.
  • Creating something special for your clients by telling their true story.
  • Remembering that everyone has a unique story.
  • Album design isn’t just designing an album, it’s telling a story.

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