A photographer's guide to surviving the off-season

Episode #177: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (35 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Spending & Saving
  2. controlling cashflow
  3. planning ahead
  4. promotions calendars

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The seasons of photography regarding the on/busy season, and the off/slow season.
  • Planning for the off season’s financial slump.
  • Budget is not a dirty word.
  • Setting up a slush fund or overflow account.
  • Important spending and saving habits to adopt in your business.
  • Diversifying your practice to make ends meet.
  • Evening out your cashflow coming into the business by restructuring your deposit schedule.
  • Evening out your spending by leasing or financing equipment.
  • Considering bank reconciliation, fixed/variable expenses, taxes, projections, etc.
  • Knowing what you can afford.
  • The value of hiring a bookkeeping.
  • Promotions and opportunities to provide your clients with a great ‘deal’.
  • Planning your marketing and promotions calendar to increase your offseason cashflow.

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