The art of selling fine art portraiture

Episode #162: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Tim Walden (38 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Fine Art Photography
  2. establishing value
  3. explaining vs. experiencing
  4. respecting your work

Tim Walden

Fine Art Photographer

We are the proud owners of Walden’s Photography, a second generation photography studio started by Tim’s father, Bob Walden, who started the business as therapy after being confined to a wheelchair due to an accident. Working together, we have had our ups and downs, but looking back, we wouldn’t change a single thing. Photography is a wonderful profession and it is who we are, not just what we do.

We are Apple junkies and most of the time, you will find us both sitting in our den, working side by side on our Macs. Can we say addicted?

We live in Lexington, Kentucky, close to downtown in what many consider the most lovely and historic area of our town (highest taxes too) where we often spend our evenings on the back porch with the smell of roasting peanuts in the air from the Jif Peanut Butter plant just a few blocks away. Instead of going to sleep with the sound of crickets, we go to sleep with the sound of traffic whizzing by. Ahhhh!

As Kodak Mentors and members of one of the most elite, international photography societies, both Tim and Bev continue to offer the highest level of artistry and service in this region and beyond.

Would we trade it? Absolutely not! We love what we do, where we live and are blessed every day.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Believing in yourself as a print photographer, even in today’s digital market.
  • What makes an image “fine art”?
  • Communicating print photography to your clients as a family heirloom.
  • Establishing value for your portraits as an art piece.
  • Wisdom is knowing what not to do.
  • How to properly communicate the qualities of a larger size portrait to sell more.
  • Listening to your clients in order to redesign your print offerings.
  • How to respond when your clients say “that’s too expensive”.
  • The importance of building your brand and staying consistent.
  • How to build your brand to support your pricing structure.
  • The benefits of specializing in a photography genre or type.
  • What explaining vs. experiencing means for your sales session.
  • How to ensure you are making your clients purchasing decision an emotional decision.
  • Treating your work with respect through handling, packaging, communication, delivery, etc.
  • The process involved and importance of continual growth as a photographer.

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