How to run a successful photography business without a studio

Episode #158: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (42 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Where to Meet
  2. considerations for professionalism
  3. setting expectations
  4. renting or sharing

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • It’s becoming more common to not have an official studio space, and that does not make you any less professional.
  • Where to have consultations if you do not have a studio.
  • The pros and cons of hosting meetings in your home, how to know if you appear professional, and ways to keep personal away from professional.
  • What genres of photography can actually benefit from having a home office or home studio?
  • How to not misrepresent a home studio and set proper expectations.
  • The benefits and challenges of meeting with clients at their home or at coffee shops, etc., and how to still create delight and surprise in this atmosphere.
  • How and where to meet with clients from the ground up when just starting out.
  • The pros and cons of sharing space with other photographers, vendors, businesses or renting a boardroom in a building, etc.
  • Why you should avoid having Skype or phone meetings, and how to make the most of them if you have to.

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  • Angie Marczak says:

    This podcast was GREAT!! Thank you so much!! Good info. I started doing in person sales this year on my iPad and have been going to their homes. So far so good and I have done 4 so far. I live in a small town where there is only bars to meet at and of course I did NOT want that so I did some research and decided on this. I used to have a studio but the overhead was too much. So I basically started over. But I guess I am kinda backwards lol. I now am thinking I need to bring gifts to take it up a notch. I haven’t did wedding consultation in the homes yet so I love the idea of the venue! Thanks so much for the ideas and doing these podcasts!
    Angie Marczak

  • I just found your podcast and have binge listened over the last week. I LOVE it. Please keep it up! It is so helpful. This episode really resonated with me because I do not have a studio space. (Just a home office.) So many helpful pointers. Again, THANK YOU!

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