The ins and outs of wedding albums

Episode #143: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (33 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Pre-Designing Albums
  2. storytelling
  3. timing and delivery
  4. securing sales

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Planning in order to stay ahead of your wedding season and on top of your clients’ album orders.
  • How pre-designing wedding albums can save you and your clients time.
  • How to communicate to your clients that you are their best storyteller and you should be designing their album.
  • Setting client expectations in regards to delivery and timing of their wedding albums.
  • Techniques for setting yourself up for wedding album sales success.
  • Capturing the pre-wedding excitement to increase album sales.
  • Could offering one style of wedding album be beneficial for you and your business?
  • Horizontal versus vertical albums.
  • Finding out what types of images your clients may not want included before designing the album.
  • How to get the commitment to buy an album before the wedding.
  • The pros and cons of offering digital files with the album as an incentive.
  • What does “pre-designing” a wedding album mean?
  • Using sample albums and highlight albums to build excitement to buy.
  • Why you may not want to have your best images up on your website.

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  • Ross says:

    Hi guys. With the online album proofing you mention that you use. Are you offering extra pages to the couple’s initial investment, with a bigger design?’ If so, how does that conversation go using the online approach, rather than an after wedding, in person session? Thanks in advance. Ross

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