Portfolios and the importance of consistency

Episode #139: Interview with Sean Stone (36 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Portfolios
  2. consistency
  3. branding
  4. transitioning between genres

Sean Stone

Senoir Photo Editor Wonderful Machine

Originally from the great plains of Oklahoma, Sean attended Savannah College of Art and Design where he studied photography and sculpture. He joined Wonderful Machine in 2010 and has become an expert at helping photographers develop their portfolios and define their vision. Outside the office, Sean loves cooking, gardening, hunting and beekeeping.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The state of the commercial/editorial photography industry today.
  • The best way to transition into commercial photography.
  • The role your portfolio plays in getting noticed and getting clients.
  • How to keep potential clients enthusiastic about your work.
  • Staying connected to individuals who are excited about your work, even if they move around.
  • Being intentional about designing your portfolio with consistent branding.
  • Consistency is key when it comes to your branding.
  • Marketing as looking forward not backward.
  • Steps to take to start your commercial portfolio from scratch.
  • How to have a clear understanding of what you want to be doing in the vague world of commercial photography.
  • Find your “sweet spot” by examining these 3 areas: the realities of the market like who’s going to pay you for your work, what is the work you like doing, and what is the work you’re good at.
  • The big picture career questions regarding balancing and prioritizing your quality of life that you need to ask yourself.
  • Focusing your portfolio in terms of curation and style.
  • The role your location plays on what you can and cannot include in your portfolio and your market.
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of your clients when building your portfolio.
  • There will always be a range of what a good photo really is, and what the need of your clients are.
  • The need for two separate brands when transitioning between photography genres, including separate websites, separate portfolios, etc.

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  • Alex Vita says:

    Some great insights here!
    I’ve forwarded this episode to a few photographers I know that need more clarity, they should definitely check out Sean’s consulting service at WM.

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