The business of boudoir

Episode #129: Interview with Jen Rozenbaum (38 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Posing
  2. client experience
  3. being full-service
  4. defining boudoir photography

Jen Rozenbaum

Fearlessly Feminine Boudoir Photographer and Teacher

Jen Rozenbaum is the eye, talent and force behind Jenerations, NY’s Premier Boudoir Photography Studio. Her artistic background lends an almost sixth sense when it comes to the aesthetics of boudoir photography, which is just half the reason for her extraordinary success. In just 3.5 years, Jenerations has found a burgeoning audience in the market for women’s photography, due largely in part to Rozenbaum’s magnetic personality and her unique ability to make women feel beautiful, confident and strong. Her clients are her biggest supporters, having gone through what they describe as ‘a life changing experience’ after seeing the results of their portrait session. “They feel stronger, they feel gorgeous and most importantly, they had fun!” says Rozenbaum. Empowering women with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beauty is the inspiration and motivation behind Jenerations.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Why posing is important.
  • Why, even if you don’t want your pictures “posed”, you have to understand the basics of posing to get great shots.
  • The process for learning boudoir, key being – practice, practice, practice.
  • The photographer’s responsibility to show off the beauty of the client.
  • Why making your clients feel good when they leave your studio is just as important as making them look good in the images.
  • The feeling the client gets from having these images as a big part of the service you are delivering.
  • The importance of building a relationship and trust with your clients to make them comfortable.
  • How to make yourself more comfortable with communicating during a boudoir session.
  • The art of actually listening to your boudoir clients and showing them you genuinely care.
  • The inquiry and booking process for boudoir photography.
  • The stages of learning your business may go through: year one – “wow, I’m good at this” (but you really suck); year two – “wow, I suck at this” (and you do); year three –  “wow, I suck at this” (but really you don’t).
  • Image variety is the key to selling and upselling.
  • Creating a full service boudoir experience.
  • The effect hair and makeup has in creating a certain type of experience for a boudoir session.
  • Overcoming the pressures of making a living in photography.
  • Balancing working for yourself, and working for your clients and sponsors.
  • The importance of pushing yourself and making yourself uncomfortable in order to advance your work.
  • Making the leap into boudoir photography from other genres and how it affects your marketing.
  • Defining boudoir photography.

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