The Secrets to In-Person Sales

Episode #125: Interview with Jeff Jochum (36 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Mindset & Intent
  2. communication
  3. types of clients
  4. sales consultations

Jeff Jochum

Strategic Business Coach

Jeff Jochum is a celebrated speaker, author and business coach focused at showing businesses how to reach the top of their own pyramid using the power of Specialism. He has over 20 years of success as an innovative entrepreneur, founding and selling 3 companies of his own, as well as serving as marketing and strategy leads at Pictage, & SmugMug.

Jeff is now a strategic business coach for creative and personal service businesses, and Founder of Team X biz, a professional community of highly creative entrepreneurs.

He has created and taught many strategic business workshops, including Photog Summits, Biz Clarity and the increasingly infamous Team X Fight Club series.

Following his highly-successful e-book Unreasonable Thoughts, Jeff wrote critically-acclaimed Work Happily Ever-After – Professional Photographer Edition.

As an adviser and investor, Jeff has been involved in a number of amazing successes, including Me Ra Koh Media, ShowIt/PASS, ShootDotEdit,, and, as well as helping scores of other artists’ businesses grow and succeed, including Mike Colon, Bob & Dawn Davis, Jason Groupp, Mike Larson, Jason+Gina (Grubb), Jennifer Chaney, Christine Tremoulet, Jen Rozenbaum and scores of happy and successful businesses.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • The mindset shift regarding intent as it directly correlates to successful sales.
  • All businesses are based on sales and selling – so why does sales have a bad reputation?
  • Helping your clients see that you’re a great match for their needs, versus trying to “sell” them something.
  • How declaring/defining what you stand for as a service professional unconsciously helps you sell.
  • The role your ego/pride plays in your assumptions about in-person sales.
  • If you want to be perfect for them, you first have to find out if you’re perfect for them – you cannot fake being a good fit for your clients.
  • The different behavioural groups of clients: Bargainers, Explorers, and Exclusives.
  • How sales is like dating and the importance of knowing the mutual connections you have with your clients.
  • Why you don’t spend enough time developing your communication skills.
  • The power of being comfortable and being able to manage a conversation without “managing” it.
  • The difference between persuasion and manipulation.
  • How having the proper intent lends itself to authenticity and genuineness.
  • Sales as the process of creating a path and leading your clients to where they want to be.
  • Emotion as it relates to sales.
  • The Do’s and Dont’s of the initial consultation.
  • Your job in a sales session is to get the client to tell you as much as they can about them.
  • You already know what your clients need, but you then need to find out WHY they need it.
  • The one question which – if you know the answer – will always get you the sale.

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