Hustling your photography business to go viral

Episode #118: Interview with Mike Allebach (37 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. The "Ideal" Client
  2. hustling
  3. going viral
  4. headlines

Mike Allebach

Visual Storyteller & Offbeat Wedding Photographer

Hailed by a Rock n Roll Bride as “the Original Tattooed Bride Photographer” Mike Allebach possesses an amazing ability to naturally photograph life on the fringe. He is a visual campfire storyteller. His journey into wedding photography started when he played guitar in a punk rock band. Before photographing weddings, he photographed underground concerts in bars and fire halls. Ariel author of the book Offbeat Bride said “It’s obvious that Mike Allebach so totally gets offbeat brides”.

Mike’s Stories & Wedding Photos have been featured in over 100 blogs, newspapers & magazines. His articles for Offbeat Bride & have been read over 1/2 million times.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How having a photography niche can attract your ideal client.
  • How to identify who your ideal client really is.
  • Taking the “leap of faith” into a specific photography genre.
  • The blogging mistake you are making if you are only posting about wedding days.
  • Being a wedding photographer today is about “hustling” to get your name out there.
  • How to create viral content by targeting photographers, not clients.
  • The process of creating viral content.
  • The experience of the “celebrity” of going viral and how to make the most of it.
  • How to become a resource and be seen as helpful in the eyes of those who are influential.
  • The power of being practical in your post content and having intriguing headlines.
  • Headline tips:
    • 1. Use numbers or numbered lists
    • 2. Use extremes

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