Weekend Wisdom with Lori Nordstrom - The Key to Repeat Clients

Episode #117: Weekend Wisdom with Skip Cohen, interview with Lori Nordstrom (42 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Referrals
  2. collaborative displays
  3. portrait parties
  4. client retention programs

Lori Nordstrom

Boutique Photographer & Marketing Consultant

Lori Nordstrom {M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI} owns a boutique studio specializing in children and family portraits located in the picturesque town of Winterset, Iowa. Lori began her career photographing her own kids in her backyard over 15 years ago, and is now known not only for her simple and sweet portraits of children, but as a leader in the photography industry in the areas of business, marketing and sales. Lori is a PPA approved business instructor and marketing consultant for Studio Management Services. Sharing with other photographers and small business owners is one of the things she most enjoys.

Lori has always had a heart for children and believes in giving back. In 2010 she began her own non-profit organization, Dando Amor which focuses on the life, love and future of todays orphaned children. You can find out more about Dando Amor at www.dandoamor.org

Lori has earned several Kodak Gallery, Fuji Masterpiece, and PPA Loan Collection awards for her images and storybooks. See more of Lori’s work at www.nordstromphoto.com

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Understanding and accepting you have a lot of competition as a photographer.
  • Modern photography is about the business side, being different and setting yourself apart to give that wow experience.
  • Word of mouth marketing as the best kind of marketing.
  • Why selecting your target client should be one of your favourite parts of your planning your business – you are getting to choose who you’re going to work with.
  • Asking for referrals and developing new referrals through partnerships.
  • Building a brand.
  • Marketing inside AND outside your hometown by creating a sense of community.
  • Collaborative displays in local businesses (that service your target client) help you make the most of not having a storefront.
  • Lori’s expert tip – make sure to find out what information your partner business wants to get in their clients’ hands and then add your images to that, as a stack of business cards will get thrown out.
  • Examples of ways to brainstorm the types of businesses you can collaborate with depending on your photography niche.
  • What “Portrait Parties” are and why you may consider trying them in your business.
  • Getting your clients to “buy” before the session even begins by holding consultations beforehand.
  • How to categorize the top 20% of your clientele and favourite clients, and then use that list to book sessions for the rest of the year.
  • Approaching clients and asking for business is not “cold” if you have formed a proper relationship.
  • Client retention programs you can implement in your business (i.e. for every $1000 spent get a $100 gift card).
  • Setting yourself apart by being a full-service photographer with a variety of high-quality products.

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