Search Engine Optimization for photographers

Episode #116: Interview with Ben Turner (51 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. keywording
  3. competitor analysis
  4. building online authority

Ben Turner

Web Designer, PhotoSEO Guru, and Social Media Marketer

Ben has been practicing SEO for 10 years and teaching it to individual photographers and at universities for 6 years. As a husband to a wedding photographer, he has immersed himself in the photography industry making appearances at photography conferences, workshops, and webinars.

With a strong background in engineering, adult education and an MBA, Ben takes a complicated concept like SEO and breaks it down into manageable pieces. In April of 2015, Ben will launch the Photo SEO Academy, an online video course that will take photographers through an immersive, step-by-step process to tackle SEO.

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to you as a photographer.
  • Using SEO to help clients find you and treating SEO as simply optimization for humans.
  • 6 steps to improve SEO for your photography website:
    • Keyword Research – on search volume for your keywords, as well as those of your competitors.
    • Competitor Analysis – blogging content/schedule, what links they have to/from their website, and why they are currently number one.
    • Onsite Optimization – once you have learned what is working for other people, implement it.
    • Blogging and Content – how often, how long, consistency, quality, and linking to other vendors, locations, etc.
    • Measurement – looking at webmaster tools (how people got to your site) and google analytics (what they do once they’re there)
    • Authority Building – ways to prove yourself as an authority to Google.
  • Specific tools to use to identify the most popular keywords for your business.
  • The different levels of optimization including main generic keywords and long tail searches.
  • What alternative tags are for the images you have on your website.
  • Realizing every keyword has its own specific set of competitors.
  • Why you may want to consider going incognito when doing your competitor research.
  • Plugins to use to make SEO easier.
  • What to look for on a competitor’s site in order to learn why they are #1 on Google: links from other credible sites and local vendors; page title; meta description; and blogging schedule/content.
  • How Pinterest as a search engine has effected the online landscape for photographers.
  • How to build authority for your photography website by connecting with local vendors.

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