Elements of effective marketing for photographers

Episode #110: Discussion with Bryan and Rob (33 minutes)

Discussion Topics

  1. Proactive Promotions
  2. effective marketing
  3. brand awareness
  4. offline marketing

Summary of Discussion Topics:

  • How to make the most of March and April’s “downtime”.
  • Don’t be reactionary and give things away, your clients can smell desperation.
  • How to be proactive in planning promotions to intentionally spur business in slower months.
  • Making you marketing attractive to the right people.
  • The three pieces to effective marketing:
    • 1. Message: can be anything from running a promotion, to brand awareness, giving clients a call to action, providing content marketing, etc.
    • 2. Market: Who is your target customer – defining your customer profile.
    • 3. Medium: How and where you are communicating your message to your market.
  • Steps to effective marketing:
    • 1. Define the message.
    • 2. Define the market & determine the who.
    • 3. Refine the message to match the market.
    • 4. Choose the medium.
  • Brand Awareness vs. Direct Response marketing campaigns.
  • Being strategic about your advertising and ad placement.
  • The benefits of offline marketing.
  • Tip on designing your marketing budget in order to ensure return on investment.
  • Using your marketing message and pre-defined market to build relationships and trust.
  • Setting up a marketing calendar for the upcoming year during your slower months.

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